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afraid our clerical friends would object somewhat. That a Medical man
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long observation I thought that I got evidence of epi
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and a prostatica. The prostatica is continued as a ductus cjacula
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tion after death was made in this case. The most im
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contrasts favorably with tlie Lister or Sass apparatus.
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ent system of dairy supervision is better than formerly I have
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dysentery doubtless favor the operation of other causes.
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the child it should be removed but if nothing disturbed
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lower extremity of splint and thence through a hole
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dy for conaideration. This ti ther with the iodids mercu
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portion of it is called the mesocolon supporter of the colon
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ulations Relating Thereto in Force in the United States Public Health Bull.
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asked Might not the results have been different had the
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force. Simple nutritious food should be given. Auto
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ists a meat diet in general is indicated. To this can
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everywhere attached and covered by mucous membrane.
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vault of the pharynx. The appearances met with here vary very much.
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examine it. I removed the carunculae with a scissors and applied iodine to
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the child had lived must be given in Spain it must have
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Before leaving the house the father of the child related to us
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four and five years before his death. He died of cardiac dropsy.
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tered in a rehitively unfavorable stock young for the
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different names also differed somewhat in five cases
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day. This table again confirms the results recorded in table since toxin
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It may however be mistaken for neuritis and in some cases this
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Educational Institute Head Department of Biophysics
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tion to any special micro organism. A number of cases have been
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Neuerungen auf dem Gebiete der Desinfektion und Ste
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quickly return to its original position of parallelism.
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three heads The probability of becoming sick. The mortality
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devoted to matters susceptible of demonstration. The
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the best employment for the child was agricultural but
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out of doors a great deal. She did not use her eyes
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It was decided to remove the tube by the extractor the string