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Early, Cresent, Haverland, Jessie, Cumberland, and Man-
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following the administration of ox bile, the bile disappearing from the
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188. New floors in hospitals will not be painted. They may be
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J. C. Norton was elected President. Dr. D. F. Lucky, of Mis-
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junction with the diaphysis and at the joint. Radiograph of the pelvis
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May I now, gentlemen of the Faculty, indulge in a few pro-
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In the matter of treatment, however, there is no rule so firmly
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syphilitic by its father, its blood is syphilitic in virtue of the same
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the spinach through a sieve. Amalgamate a piece of butter
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Coni/iisions. — i. Intubation may be tried in all cases
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When a massive steel projectile is driven with immense velocity
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thing but good from even such an amount as twenty-five or thirty
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information of the devices for reducing the cost of production which
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blood into the lung parenchyma, produce very slight, or no increase what
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cated; give >2 oz. powdered opium the first dose, and 1 dr. in each dose
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To sum up this part of the argument, without going into
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the appearances presented by the blood corpuscles in Crustacea,
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very weak, beating 96 in the minute, and regular; the breathing
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ever. The spirits of salt will have to be kept in a glass-
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cases, a very free hyper-secretion of mucus and saliva, which
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the bladder in all deeply lacerated wounds of the buttock.
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him through the Surgeon-Oeneral, or the Medical Director
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dition of the gall-bladder, when the fistula will gradually close.
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when the plough or the dredging machine which makes progress, may not
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in quadrupeds is known as the intermaxillary bone, not being equally
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pears to be identical in its pharmacologic action with the natural product.
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hepatic cells could easily be removed, leaving a surface resembling the cells of a
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a case of endocarditis is not the fungation of the vegetations, but the activity
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extremely arduous undertaking even to attempt to make
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purely epidermal variety very much less force, very much less obvious injury,
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impair the faculties of men. Even Stephanus, little
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upon a case which resembled the one shown by Dr. Sloane, a boy of about
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