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There can be no better test of a printing paper than

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ferences as well as developmental history As Johnstone

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A few months ago I observed when examining a patient s chest

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be assigned any definite place and consequently was included in an

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the arch. Xot infrequently abdominal tumors excessive meteorism and

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been discovered by Beyerinck. He has named them Azotobacter.

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of the disease deserves consideration if the economical condi

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diagnosis. It will prove a most valuable addition to the

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haemoglobin from the action of the bile causing dissolution of

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soft foods not containing proteids. The use of a salt

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tomy the method usually employed it should be limited

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In regard to the theory of cooking and the preparation

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thigh. Sitting down caused pain in the left buttock.

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sulted as to the mode of expending it or howthey will be benefited

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ALLOPATHIC TREATMENT. Round Worms. In giving medicines

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iridectomy including the piece of supposed metal was ad