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physiologically. Anatomically in such conditions as pul

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in the severe forms this benefit seldom occurs although the general

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an intimate union of the axones of the proximal stump with

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honourable one and in his calling he was a noted surgeon and

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Two days later erysipelas had extended above the rim of the pelvis. I

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the treatment. Summing up he says that he thinks the

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child five years old of a grain given with a hypodermic

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terrace to another have in general more slope the lower

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was therefore no less than. And it is interesting and

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encroachment upon the lumen of the bowel just as in carcinoma or other

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bitten by rabid animals amongst the thousands that have

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as readily while some very marked and obstinate cases of years stand

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ao special changes. The stomach in many instances is normal but in some

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edly prove not only a valuable but lasting addition to

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equivalent to a temperature of about degrees F. or

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of the recognized fact that digitalis could produce in

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duration five years. Family history negative. Cause

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Pyemia is a general disease due to pus cocci gaining access to the

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gineer with a view to the abolition of the present sys

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quiet restlessness and procure relief from pain. In my own experience

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non there was a local outbreak of typhoid fever very severe for the

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change disabling cell function as shown in the vicious

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numbers of so called paupers treated when the hat goes

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intestinal canal than from the caecum and vermiform appendix.

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The patient s diet was suddenly changed from one consist

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solve any paraform which might be formed. It is well

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also extensively used in the Neapolitan provinces where the

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at the hands of the queen of beauty thus rewarding chivalry and

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source and probable value of these pretended official

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At no period of the disease is there such satisfaction to the

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more efficacious. Stimulants are not wanted in this stage unless the

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ized by an eruption of the pustules called favi and

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it. If the uterus is firmly retracted it should never be