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Arthur R. Elliott opened the debate. He stated that
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Professor of Gynecology at the University of South
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milk with lime water also mucilaginous drinks such as white of egg in
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lation. We must therefore rest content with recording that M.
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mystery that fetal death is fundamentally like extra uter
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culty in understanding or diagnosing is vasculitis.
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ment could pass through the stricture ultimately this be
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perimental laboratory in charge of Dr. Scripture of the
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presence ot uric acid in the humors of the economy. In
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According to the aforesaid the apparatus of the uterine
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of the smaller and larger joints and also hereditary
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external conformation and its connections with the parent with
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presenl time. Complains of pain in the loins and aching in
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The external evidence of this disease is first confined to the
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which they have purchased adjacent grounds and they hope
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This view is especially applicable to pulmonary tuberculosis of
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to fasten the tail to the vent it must be washed clean
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such coarctations are not very frequently the conse
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It was not until that Congress appropriated money and
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growth as this advances embryonic connective tissue is
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rupture during labor or may block the exit of the child
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and always will remain the same. Our choice of indi
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of the sympathetic and the third and fourth sacral nerves.
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No doubt the microscopic evidence in Dr. Taylor s case
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bones and back with an intense headache with a sudden
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which was published in his Notes of Lectures on the Theory and
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