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appeared in the pages of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.
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phied or ulcerated the voice is changed in quality
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conscientiously supposed his article to be more wholesome than tho
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flier individuals being seen after dark only on the very rarest occasions.
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treatment of ascites medicinal and surgical measures
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moved from his bladder through the cystoscopic sheath
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order to recover it who will be the defendant in the case
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to the memory of almost every reader the sufferings
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Eegarding the possibility of reciprocal immunization in the
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piration of his present leave of absence is ordered to San Diego
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as the finger could reach with safety. Moreover the brain seemed to
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A. The th cranial is reached through the superior cervical gang
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Major Buchanan reports that in Bhagalpur it is the excep
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cornea which had resisted treatment in the hands of
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uniformity must be due to causes correspondingly uni
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first systematic investigation of the physiological
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lems in diagnosis are set forth with the utmost clearness.
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out of the sterilizer in the envelopes and evaporates from
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The severe acute attacks of enteritis known frequently as cholera
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whom he was especially associated. Again the account given of
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Cr sus H liogabale et Sardanapale repr sentant les sept
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journal and promises to increase its usefulness Dr.
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the toe began to heal. The toe was now almost healed and
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appeared after a severe exacerbation which induced fears
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The New York Public Library with its magnificent new building ap
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troublesome. There was a good deal of sthenic reaction and