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NROOGD Family Tree
Click here for the latest version of the family tree.

The family tree has been re-organized into a more traditional geneological format. It works as follows:


This first number is the unique number for each coven. The number refers to the generational ancestory closest to the original Full moon coven. The letter is an arbitrary assignment to a unique place within that generation

The second number is a combination of the individual numbers of covens who contributed to the parentage of this particular coven

3a is a third generation coven who happened to be frist on the third generation list

3a.2cd where 2 is the generation of both founding covens 2c and 2d. OR..

3a.2e3b where three a was founded by coven 2e and 3b. Frequently a coven will have only one founding line i.e. 3a.2f where 2f is the line that 3a will follow back to the Full Moon Coven.

If you wish we can make your coven name a link to your coven web page. or we can add a small amount of information about your coven to go under your coven name. This may take some time so be patient if you do not see the changes that you requested immediately.

If you have changes to make, please write us at