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NROOGD Family Tree

next to a coven name indicates that you may click the flower for more information about the coven.

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NROOGD Family Tree
  Level 1  
1a Full Moon Coven (Defunct)
  Level 2  
2a Moebius Ring (Defunct)
2b Stone Moon Coven (Defunct)
2c Spiral Dance (Defunct)
2d Isis Rising (Defunct)
2e Moon Seed Coven (Defunct)
2f Electric Dragon (Defunct)
2g Circle of Amergn (Defunct)
2h Dancer and the Dance (A coven of very mixed parentage started by Aidan and continuing today in So. CA
2i Eurynome (Defunct)
2j Elvenstar (Defunct)
2k Witchgrass -Seattle, WA
  Level 3  
3a.2a West Wind Sprial (Defunct)
3b.2b Stone Oak Grove (Defunct)
3c.2bc Moonlit Cauldron (Defunct)
3d.2c Starthistle
3e.2c Tuatha De Taran (Defunct)
3f.2c Shastafarians, Mount Shasta CA.
3g.2de Silver Star (Defunct)
3h.2e3g Strix Luminosa (Defunct)
3i.2e Back Slid (Defunct)
3j.2f Desert Dragon- Hesperia, CA
3k.2f Silver Salamander
3l.2f Jade Dragon
3m.2f Electric Owl
3n.2i Blodeuedd Moon (Defunct)
3o.2j Elvenmoon- Bellingham, WA (Defunct)
3p..2i Children of the Raven (defunct)
  Level 4  
4a.3c Nuit Urania
4b.3c4a Moonlit Cauldren II (Defunct)
4c.3g Silver Star II (Defunct)
4d.3h Oakhaven
4e.3j Airyd Moon (Defunct)- Victorville, CA
4f.3n Swords of the Mysteries (Defunct)
4g.3o Luna Del Mar - Bellingham, WA (mixed tradition)
  Level 5  
5a.4a Coph Nia Camp
5b.4a Thelemic Wicca (Defunct)
5c.4b Moon Dragon (Defunct)
5d.4b6d7d Dragon Oak (Defunct)
5e.4b Moonlit Serpent (Defunct)
5f.4bc Fire Star (Defunct)
5g.4c NROOSS (Defunct)
5h.4c Bay Laurel (was Athena's Owl) - Sacramento (Defunct)
5i.3p Night Wing
  Level 6  
6a.5a Hecate Nuit (Defunct)
6b.5a Panthea (Defunct)
6d.5f Black Oak (Defunct)
6e.5f6d Darkstar
6f.00 WillowOak (Defunct) Questionable parentage.
6g.5f Isaac and Sally - New York (Defunct?)
6i.5i Night Wing II
6j.5d Emerald Oak - Seattle WA
6k.5d White Oak - Toronto, Canada
  Level 7  
7a.6a Hecate Sophia
7b.6a Circle of Stars (Defunct)
7c.6a Babalon Sophia (defunct)
7d.6d Silver Oak (Defunct)
7e.6di Temenos Drakontos (Defunct)
7f.6e Obsidian Moon
7g.5d6e Big Cats of the Serengetti (Defunct) - Seattle WA
  Level 8  
8a.7d Wildwood - England Mixed practice
8b.7d Herne's Oak Santa Cruz, CA
8c.7d Dark Forest San Jose, CA