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Femalegra Bewertung

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Art. YII. — Case of Molluscum developed hy an Injury, and presenting, under
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astonished to see revived two hundred years later, and applied,
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in the diameter of the spirillum. It is difficult to stain, al-
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or lessen the number of them. It is, therefore, a matter of
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be obtained, in order that we may obtain a clinical
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exclusive and partial specialties. In reference to ex-
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Seventy pounds of the plant yielded but one ounce of
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BROWN, giffin: blood volume in polycythemia vera 491
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and Surgeons. New York : William Wood & Co. 1893.
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Cancer Society. Other officers chosen were: the Rev.
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there is not so much serous liquid. If the pericardium be dis-
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aspiration, and he has collected thirty-two similar
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Dr. Heywood Smith agreed with what had been said, that the chief cause of
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fcetal head to the pelvis, and in a still smaller class by the same condition
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minent. Left side not so transparent but h^nlttiy. Continue /err.
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were brought to light by incisions. When the epicranial aponeu-
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lina, tells parents of the defects of their children, they will generally
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anterioi^ splint, in which the leg is suspended on a
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He first devised a sort of figure-of-four trap, which
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the limb to be bent, and the nuiscles to be placed in a com-
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borrowed, I intended to return it some day, and just
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a cough as a symptom, whereas he thought it really should be
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degeneration. I removed both tubes and ovaries, and the pa-
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examination of the prostate and seminal vesicles and their secretion should
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cumstances, as a medicine decidedly possessing emetic proper-
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that he is sowing the seeds of contamination and destruction, which
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line is particularly helpful in managing these patients;
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ment in quality means an increase in the amount of money that can
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and an English Physician (Dr. Donald Fraser) Vice-President.
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in coma accompanying acute bronchitis. There was no danger
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that 'a fragment of the bone seemed to be deep in at the right
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quantity discharged in twenty-four hours ; variations that may take place