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Amaryllis Flowers Wilting

and the disappointment of the world at large after it

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Some patients have their attention called to the disease by a feeling

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flammation of individual muscles or groups of muscles. Charac

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The first patient in the third stage of phthisis had

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Not infrequently the course is prolonged for three or four months. Choreic

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strikingly focussed upon the large number of motile

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more liberal diet may be given with advantage to the patient. Thus

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tory sounds are feeble and mingled with moist r amp les.

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so far as known had not come in contact with any cases

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disease began at about the age of six and eight months

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him over again after being away two hours in the labora

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weeks following the injection. No record was kept of the

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system may thus be purified from the poison which has

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fuller slower and more regular. Sago Rice and other farinaceous articles

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precipitate which forms consisting both of primary and secondary

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feasible single remedial measure..A system of federal

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and calyces is converted into granulation tissue and

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and floating opacities in the vitreous. The injury was caused

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Fig. Toluidin blue preparation alcohol material fatigued.

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There was partial insensibility and a spasmodic action of the right

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the tartar emetic must not fall short of four grains in the eight

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loth. I prescribed pho.sphorus and cod liver oil and