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could not exist where an antecedent organism had not

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and direct supervision is necessary to assure program

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that no part of this responsibility shall be allowed un

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side nevertheless it is well to remember as Eichards

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On March the Pennsylvania Medical Society Liability Insurance Company filed

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What can bo done to relieve the distress of the pa

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occasion to remove a testicle which from the clinical

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humanity. Congress being sensible of this and determined

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Treatment. The management of tbe Erst or dry stage is identical

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patient was a man fifty nine years old the disloca

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a high right rectus incision determined the diagnosis.

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taken diagnosis of tuberculosis of the eye but the organ was

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fall. Conclusive evidence of the cause of the outbreak has not yet

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A second characteristic feature of Ebstein s method

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soon as possible. After it is lanced use a Slippery Elm poultice.

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one half of this organ obstructed in its function by tubercles the

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