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hypoblast cells the notochord Fig.. At the sides of the neural canal a

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several cases as follows The first a typical and rather

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Taussig who divides the indications for therapeutic

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lymph channels and around nerve trunks called perineural lymph

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is sometimes observed. Pulsation over the liver apparent to the eye and

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independent of defecation discharge over the thoracico lumbar system

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not remove them with injections of tuberculin as Koch

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the flow of blood in the large veins will be apparent.

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bered that this serious mortality of nearly forty per cent

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calves largely run at liberty in the open exposed only to the

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The instrument unencumbered with its central rod and

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mitted to Philadelphia Hospital Service of Dr. Allyn

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from the bladder in old men with enlarged prostates as after the

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Thomas S. Southworth of New York read this paper. He