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logical and Obstetrical Societies with the Medico Chirurgieal

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To whatever cause lesions of continuity in the mucous membrane

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septics. After deUvery the firm contraction of the womb

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sirability of the accoucheur reducing the size of his hand

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evidence of the effects of opium. This was on Saturday. I did not

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are several observations recorded with regard to this change. Dr.

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various bacteria with the oil immersion. The tubercle

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contamination of the soil by the soakage of rain and waste water

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than if she had been delivered by craniotomy. Perhaps if the

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principal affluent of this Rift Valley lake is the Omo Riv

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become dilated and an unusual amount of blood is brought to

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those who were dying had to wait for hours. They were

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inflammation of the appendages. Dense pelvic adhesions.

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encing intestinal fermentation and putrefaction by the administration of

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