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of Its Diagnosis. With Reports of Two Fatal Cases.
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which the attack comes on at a later period and in which the
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specially appointed and thoroughly competent veterinary
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sory nerve of Willis. I have consequently been able to present
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the very definite and constant chan es which are found at autopsy
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they had to be cut through. The heart was considerably enlarged its
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there was some great underlying condition co existent
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of Bright s disease chronic diffuse nephritis the inflam
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merit while others are worthless and should be tabooed by this
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department the general regulations of which are impor
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process. Although the healing of ulcers and even definite re
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puncture is done each day or on alternate days in cases that are
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until the eighth or ninth day when a certain degree of restless
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The transmitting instrument so familiar an object to all has a
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pation is freijuently a symptom of chronic disease the causal eleni it
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Calves thirty to sixty days old do not suiTer from dysentery
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and similar uses in the arts. Is eyertheless it is used by the
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was anticipated thai some amplification of the recorded conclus
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used in a sober and restricted sense expresses not an invention of
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S fourth page following reading matter for Rates of Subscription
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Of course we must realize that all function is controlled by
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amount of fluid ingested and also independent of the amount lost by the
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dent response. It does not protect children under one year
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becomes slow and weak the urine scanty and marked constipation is evident.
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effectual in cutting short an attack and he was convinced
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contains extract of glycyrrhiza syrup acacia wine of
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We must with regret confess to a feeling of considerable
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the Germans. This is accomplished by grasping the handle close to the