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proliferation of their cells taking place and this exudate may undergo

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much is agitated irritable and exacting. He does not sleep and

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Hoppe Seyler comes to a similar conclusion that the

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the observations on aniline dyes with reference to their

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by its tonic action on the non striated muscles sur

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Irrigations with strong solutions of potassium permanganate

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miectivity of fixed virus. A. per cent solution of acetaldehyd

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Lighter cases are treated in such a manner as will make

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betic lipemia represents a mobilization of the cell lipoids

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gland cells nuclei epithelium and mucus. It consists

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Turning now to the pork inspected under federal regulations

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or iu sudden death. In convalescence from it the diet should be mild

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physiological tests before issuance. It should be retested

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that the ideal operation implies the restoration of the fornix and

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poisonous products is followed by shock and dilatation of the

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ing action of the soil is largely dependent upon bacteria and that this

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day showed apparent improvement. She now gave the following

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number oi cases are recorded in which severe constitu

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venesection may be absent in consequence of the disease being

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immediately required for the uses of the Association shall be vested in

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of cases of epithelioma of the extremities arose on a

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oculated with the sputum culture and uncomplicated with swine

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organism. The tissue cell molecules being destroyed by

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fee at the going rate one assumes that this going rate

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well bv this small series depending more on the amount of lung

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the sympathetic nerve endings the other the transmission of the nerve

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both auto and intestinal toxins may play a role in produc

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treatment of disease. It was in Italy that some time after

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but as such traces are notYound in the majority of cases it is

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signification thongh the present signs and symptoms may seem

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believe place the exceptional cases second in rank to the other class.

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points at the time of the manufacture of the shell but

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Part V deals with special occupational diseases and

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times it was remarkably little disturbed. The explana