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in children who constitute a large proportion of the
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readily and the swelling went down but did not for some
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sound side is held lower than the affected side. In other words
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by it. This always arises from quality or quantity generally the latter.
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and southward in the following chronological order. We find it in
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After the use of the solution of nitrate of silver the external
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one of thefe complex medicines a phyfician only experts an effefl fuitable to
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tion entered the Nun branch of the Niger on th of Au
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and the thickening of the right ureter detected by bi
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Prophylaxis. Prophylaxis may be considered with reference
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ence in virulence of the exciting principle. At present in variola espe
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together with its specific gravity the amount of resid
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amputations. Malgaigne s and Bauden s experience was
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M. S. aged twenty three admitted into hospital th March
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contaminations were observed. In one case the only or
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sent this preliminary report. They state that up to
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B. The function of the maxillary turbinals is to prepare
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relaxation of tne function and consequent exhaustion whereas expos
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vessel or scoops out a hole in a large vessel like a
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on the operating table. Menod criticises him and says
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The Monopoly of Antipyrin. The Society of Practical
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tincture of cascarilla one tea spoonful of the compound
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side of the trachea extending laterally beneath the sternomastoid muscle
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Edward A. Tracy in describing this splint states that
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nant or chronic with more or less loss of tissue from ulceration.
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such as the knee joint and other joints of the extremities
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machinery is recommended. The posting of notices in conspic
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contagious element with all speed and this is the most prompt
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evidence of blood globules. There was no pus no increase
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with the advance of Medical science they must begin with a
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side fluctuation is less distinct and it is not communicated
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