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the earth which is mod diftant from the centre round which
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among the self limited diseases. Two years after the publication of my
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some difficulty in detecting the side on which the operation
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the convulsions had persisted for several hours and were still
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Some diseases again are contagious only for a time. This is the
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should be sought for. Spinal disease such as Pott s
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condition of congestion or relaxation in each case. Electric faradic
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Aubrey describes Harvey He was not tall but of the lowest stature
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at first. The case had progressed very rapidly during
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morphine lotion on antiseptic gauze and on parts not con
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for any disparaging remarks on behalf even of such as
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roll call showed a larger attendance than ever before in its his
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ment of the Swiss Army is totally unknown abroad and as it
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Catarrhal pneumonia complicating measles does not ne
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mate results of untreated adenoid hypertrophy are important. In some cases
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clastic inembmne the tone produced by it resembling
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came unconscious when he regained consciousness his
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after vaccination with the i neumococcus lipovaccine and found their
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recovered his health. lie had been attended on three occa
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choreic movements occasional hallucination a morbidly
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moves. If they are unattended with weakness of the eye
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multitude of intractable disorders in which organs are disabled
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were absolutely devoid of a sense of sexual pleasure and
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a variety of nervous affections in which the pathology is still rather