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Does Promethazine Syrup Get You High

Those of syphilitic origin must be diagnosed likewise by lumbar puncture
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suing year also that Mr. Henwood be continued as Secretary.
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common form vertical fractures passing through the trochlea
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not vary much but if there is any change it is apt to
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of animal and vegetable matter bacteria and other living
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Candidates who fail to pass the first part of the professional examina
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positions throughout the camp areas. These posters were occasionally locally
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at the inner canthus. If bloodvessels are visible in the
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its pointed lower end to the upper part of tlie shin bone.
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without an adequate medical division of the Army and
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ordinary sense. The obvious inference is that in most cases of considerable
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which contagion had very little to do. He gleefully told his class
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tify a recital of the principal steps that are advisa
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Each disease is thoroughly and fully presented giving details of treatment with also
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to have framed fo great and admirable an automaton as the world and
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On the rd the left tonsil also became enlarged and the sur
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gradually did the view obtain that many disorders whose location
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ness in dwellers of the lowlands when they ascend to altitudes between
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tion bulb of urethra and corpus cavernosum urethras.
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of deaths is seventy five per cent in the unvaccinated
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this vicious conception may be deprived of that vegitative sap
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it has been shown that in cases where Pyaemia supervenes on wounds
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Intestinal antiseptics may be employed as advised in the treatment of
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for operation because they thought they had detected
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any desire. However she seemed to be in touch with her
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nom de Dieu. After the first ten years in the Bicetre his
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mission on apparatus or appliances to anybody in a busi
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or when not knowing the just proportion between the capacity of the
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ness in the axilla while lying. n sitting u he line of dulness
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mastoiditis lateral sinus thrombosis and septicemia. Operation was planned
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against an ever present source of danger as well as to
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under discussion. The recent work of Sprunt suggests
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unobserved but nevertheless actual preceding chronic inflammation or else
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port and is at present Coroner of Erie County Ohio.
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the pleural cavity is not due to the failure of oxygen. As suggestive
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This case I am about to operate upon is an inguinal hernia in
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