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The following props are made available for the community. Anyone borrowing them assumes the responsibility of care and transportation unless other arrangements are agreed upon by the owner of the prop in question.

If you plan to borrow any of the props below please treat them with the care and consideration which they deserve as ritual tools. Some of them are quite costly in materials and labor.

If you have a prop that you would like to list for the benefit of the community please click here to write us.

Bay Area Northern California Prop List
Forest Green, about 4' by 5'. Made to be carried by six people, it should carry up to the weight of a person. It could be made rigid by placing a square piece of plywood on it in order to carry something or someone up-right. Contact Rachael.
George is never going to get around to taking mask pictures, but has a great assortment of masks and can make to order given reasonable lead time and specifications. Reasonable lead time can be as little as a week for simple masks and desperate need but a couple of months is good. Contact Mr. Hersh.
Assorted lengths of white cotton material, hemmed around are available to be used as Greek dress or drapes. Contact Silver Salamanders.
Approximately 45' x 30', this plastic sheet rolls out and contains three individual mazes which are completely separate from one another. There are three separate entrances as well as three separate centers. This type of maze has dead ends and multiple paths and one could possibly end up by leaving the maze without ever reaching the center, though few do. Contact Rachael.
White, heavy weight cheesecloth veil approximately 6' by 30'. Contact Rachael.
  Eleusinian Props  
Very large brick of wheat, two very very large black mirrors, thyrus, and other assorted goodies from the Underworld. Contact Melissa.
  Beltaine Stuffness  
Maypole: Don Frew & Anna Korn. 'Obby 'Oss, copper banded wooden bucket, and battle sticks: Contact Melissa. 'Obby 'Oss 'at (er, hat) and old wooden bucket: Contact Russell.

Southern California Prop List
  Samhain props  
Gypsy has a smoking witches cauldron and a fog machine.  She would like at least 2 weeks advance notice for their use.  Contact Gypsy.