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problem during October of that year. Malaria rates in Assam India which

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minerals generally used with the intention of ezterminatiog dis

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he was much impressed by the observation that achylia gas

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cases never came to light. He says still further that he is sure

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Department of the Russian Empire who had token the other view of

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of silver nitrate being broken off and swallowed during cauter

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rickels in infancy usually fall short of the average stature on reaching

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this disease. He evidently thinks that almost every pa

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has the important advantage furthermore of being simple and of requir

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gitis before localization search and drainage for a brain abscess could

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advocated as a sure cure it is the writer s belief that if

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cells does it become a free exudation. This is found not only in

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by the committee. It was ordered that these five names were

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there is an earache coincident with a perforation it

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quire a relative immunity against the destructive effect of the lymph

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and the patients were turned over to the service of

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tried cylindrical lenses and always prescribe them when

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himself and to his comrades. The Royal Navy merely administers

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this case were satisfactory. The history was of only

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normal a dirty brownish hue if it contains CO the mixture

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members of the family were affected one surviving through active

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kidneys are more frequent in the insane than in the

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indurated base the eruption assumes varioijs forms the color

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Third Year. First and second semesters. The course in Clinical Pathology is

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the kidneys induced Chr. Gram Therapeutische Monatshefte No. to

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glands. Outside of their function of acting as filters

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mation of a zone of demarcation. The rise of temperature which

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tients from the combat areas to general hospitals in the United States. Air

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a thousand miles away. If a man is resolved to elfect

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metabolic. This field as perhaps no other in human genetics

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to be of better juality than the ice cream but here