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Site Information for Northern California

Over the years, many places in Northern California have become regular sites for NROOGD gatherings. We will post others as the information is submitted and would encourage each of you to send site information as it is discovered. If folks from outside the Northern California area would like to keep a list of sites here as well I will separate the sites into areas.

Check back here often
We will post sites as the information becomes available.

Bay Area Northern California Site Information
  Berkeley Parks and Recreation: John Hinkel Lodge  
Contact Information: 510-644-6530
Details: This Park is closed until further notice, because they discovered it was settling and sliding down the hill. it is too bad, 'cause it is a nice place with a stone fireplace.
  The Hillside Club  
Contact Information: 510-848-3227
2286 Cedar Street
Berkeley, CA
Details: The rental rate is $400 for the first 4 hours and $80/hour for each additonal hour thereafter on a weekend, and half those prices on a weeknight. This is a Bernard Maybeck banquet hall with a proscenium arch theatre and a large stone fireplace on one wall, with a small kitchen.
Contact Information: 510-841-4824
Office hours 10-1 M-Th
Details: Berkeley Fellowship of Universalist-Unitarians at Cedar and Bonita, has a number of rooms, available for stated "donations": The main Fellowship Hall, where NROOGD hosts many open Sabbats, is about 36' X 48' and goes for 200.- on M-Th, and 300-400.- Fri-Sun. The Fireside Room, which has no wheelchair access, and a bathroom facility downstairs, is about 16' X 48' and goes for about $100 on weeknights, and $150-200 on weekends. There is a working fireplace. They have two other upstairs rooms. One is about 24' X 32' for up to 50 people. The other is called "the Kids' Room" and is P-shaped, according to the church secretary, perhaps 15' wide by 36' long. These upstairs rooms go for the same donations as the Fireside Room.
  California State Parks: Mount Diablo State Park  
Contact Information: 800-444-7275
Details: Mount Diablo can be a great place for overnights and picnics, however there are some rules which may prove restrictive. One such is that the gates of the park close at sundown and do not open again until 8 AM the next day. This means that once a car is in the park after dark its there til the next day. Also there is no alcohol allowed within the park system. That said, Mount Diablo has several group camp sites. Some are more private than others. One that has proven useful for the NROOGD June Moon gatherings is Barbarque Terrace group site. It will take 15 cars officially, but that is because it is a horse camp site and the park is expecting horse trailers attached. You will occasionally get horsemen riding through camp since this site is on the horse trail, but they are polite and quiet as a rule. At dusk all foot and equine traffic stops with the probable exception of summer full moons. We get around the sunset car rules by parking outside for those who cannot stay the entire night, and just running them to the gate via shuttle. The rangers last year said nothing about the empty wine bottles when cleaning the trash the next morning and are probably not going to bother any group that is not causing trouble. These sites are iffy as far a conditions are concerned. Weather is always changeable and cannot be counted on reliably. Still and all its a very short trip from the city for a great getaway into some pretty wild country. The reservation cost is $75 per day. They will take credit cards and hold the site. Reservations can be made up to 7 months to the minute in advance. Though I have listed this number for Mount Diablo, it will serve for all California State Park reservations.
  City of Oakland: Leona Lodge (owned by Oakland)  
Contact Information: 510-238-3187
Office Hours M-Th 9-12, 2-4
Details: This hall rents for $75/hour, except during holiday periods, when it is $90/hour. They charge a liquor fee if you are serving wine/beer: $50, if hard liquor: $100. There is a $150 setup/takesown fee if you use their chairs, waived if you have your own. There is a cancellation fee if you book and then cancel. if it is 31 + days out, the fee is $100, if less than 30 days it is $300.