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time to staff our four clinics. We currently have three

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Man and the Domestic Animals for Veterinarians Physicians

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swelling abscess phlegmon etc. are all painful on pressure and

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specimens at the Museum and who had originally been an assistant or

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irritation and the rubbing resorted to by the animals to allay

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tions of sufficient intensity may even absolutely arrest the

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vation and the fact that Dr. Longcope s is not affected

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with only four other of the above mentioned symptoms viz. in

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necessity of frequent examinations both with the ophthal

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weeks but the treatment in these oases usually has been

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ution of red blood corpuscles in the case of hemorrhage is of

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of the department in addition to his other duties will assume

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been seen during the present century. A number of these

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rarely resolve by crisis. While the symptoms subside

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If this patient were under constant supervision so that the

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of dancing at certain periods. During the paroxysm they have

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Dr. Hammond is full and complete in his diagnosis of cort

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voracious appetite hard swelled belly or else a belly very

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The measures to be adopted consist of limitation of

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Present The President Drs Tilton Chadbourne N. Sand

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Pure Grape Juice rich in dextrose or grape sugar and containing

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tion certainly marks an epoch in its history. It is therefore

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ulcer in the colon was recognized only after most careful search.

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The teeth of herbivora are liable to become overgrown

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