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lutions from the Jefferson County Medical Society which I

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from eight to twenty one years. Pasteur has shown that the conidia of

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eral term for the various products of the mammary glands of

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to those whose weakened capillaries need the light top coat of a

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constitutional consisting in the free exhibition of iron and of

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elevated and Sweet Oil or Vaseline be applied as it will facilitate

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The patients are thus cinchonized just as malarial pa

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when accompanied with loose cough or thick yellow discharge from the

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moderate limits rather than stop it altogether. In the early period

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that she was able to locate the kidney which presented itself in

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example of the classical acohol atrophic cirrhosis. But since

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tinal tract. Fecal impaction may result from peristaltic im

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hrinstance and others which have been cited the subjects

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N ed Jeanne AbcOs gazeux sous phr nique d origine gastrique.

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has been treated by operation but the appendix left

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together. Without attempting to settle this point here I will only

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According to late cablegrams the bubonic plague has spread from

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Walter Fraser of the th Cavalry to the Liverpool School of

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