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may suggest. Meanwhile I shall carry on the experiments

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centre from which to correlate the work of the school medical

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possibly to an organic affection or to a functional malady having a mechanism

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author divides his researches into those made on children those

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were four postoral clefts with corresponding thickenings of tlie facial

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specific but as yet undiscovered microbe and certainly reason

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action of each of the following Mercuric chloride Celli diluted chlorine

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with his hand. As some of my readers ma not quite under

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edematous swellings on different parts of the body resulting

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work of a general surgeon who has taught orthopedic sur

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that the habitat of the tubercle bacillus is in the

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second slow gradual stage of the relaxation tracing.

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enable us to find the cause of other apparently pernicious anaemias until at

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Mann late Medical Superintendent of the N. Y. State

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left directions that the patient should be given a drop of

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the first place the surgeon should be skilled in the

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from the satirical writers of antiquity the same uncer

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whilst the dead fish is incapable of producing these effects.

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exceedingly difficult. He had seen a number of fistulm

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occurs in Intermittent. Dr. Wells observes Dropsy is

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fectly logical for was it not written that after God

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family history of alcoholism or other neurosis. Received a blow