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that deformity and disability are inevitable in femur

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CvANOSLS OR Blue Disease. This occurs only in little animals and

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continuance of the morbid action. Now mercury opposes the

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disappear instantly as soon as the r rays are cut off.

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Some I tin di tine live peculiarities which differentiate

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known disease and the parasites similar to it with which it is

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the gonococcus in large numbers. In ten cases the cul

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ease germs but not for us. Natural selection is thus

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means which may be the cause of relief even though temporary.

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ula had caused talipes equino valgus and anterior bowing of the tibia.

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blood letting severe purging etc. entirely out of the question the

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The interior of the breast offers curious details concerning the

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Klebs Loeffler bacterium in cases of avian diphtheria while

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Ii correspondi with Ad veitisers pleaso mention THE MEDICAIj AND SUEGIOAIj KFPORTEE.

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physician. For that as a preliminary condition there

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quiry was really made by one of our own countrymen about

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the fact that a ferment consists of the product of the

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casional or persistent. If wax is the cause its removal is

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giving day by that stern old Presbyterian and loyal Unionist Robert J.

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attack the nervous system and result in an explosion of nerve force

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tion he was badly bruised and in a state of nervous

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motion it was aspirated. In those cases where the ab

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Present lUness. About or days before admission the patient began to

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hospital on special blank supplied for this purpose. Before making application for

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present requirements for clinical and scientific training. The comfort

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Another interesting condition described is wet wind

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of slight chronic constipation can be greatly relieved

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ing which will favorably modify the excitations of the

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character of the respiratory murmur and the presence of rales are the two

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ferment or enzyme secreted by the lactic acid bacteria or contained

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largely to the energy of Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson is

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sure at the base of the brain by accumulated blood can

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In common with most organisations our annual meetings

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The lectures were delivered during a period of several years and the second